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  • Google Search Console exists
  • Pulling jobs from other job board APIs
  • Supabase is awesome

Google Search Console exists

Google search console performance graph

Literally had no idea this existed before starting the project! None of my previous work had anything SEO or even getting it setup.

Pretty stoked that it is able to pull in a site map and process the pages. A big win is having it report problems with any pages.

Pulling jobs from other job board APIs

One of my burning questions when thinking about building a job board was: Where do job boards get their initial jobs?

Turns out there is a handful of different ways. You can contact companies for jobs, manually collect job posts from other sites, automatically scrape them from other job sites, or find job boards with APIs.

I managed to find a couple of job boards with APIs! This seemed to be the cleanest way and easiest to automate. And I didn't want to mess with web scraping.

After setting up a simple aggregation service to parse two different job APIs, I was pulling in job posts. is currently setup to pull in jobs once a day using that service and store them in a database.

Note that I took Petier Levels approach (read about it here) and made sure to use follow links and accredit the job site that I pulled the jobs from.

Supabase is awesome

Supabase logo Don't know what else needs to be said here. I didn't know about Supabase before starting Learning about it, how to use it, and implementing it was FAST!

They definitely made things easy.

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