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3 projects in 3 months


The Idea:

Build three different software as a service products over the next three months.

My goals are not:

Make money. This isn’t a money making venture. I don’t plan for any of the SaaS products to make money by the end of three months. Though it will be awesome if they do.

Product validation. I know, I know, always test your ideas and see if people need them and are willing to pay for them. But the goal is to learn about the technology needed. Not the marketing... yet. 😉

Soooo, what are the goals then?

Have fun! Enjoy the problem solving that goes into coding and building the products.

Learn the technologies. I've built apps from the ground up before but have yet to implement all of the things that go into a SaaS web app: AuthN/AuthZ, deployment pipelines, payments, any metrics (I’m not even sure what metrics are needed 😬)

Share my learnings. I was inspired by this article and want to put its ideas into practice.

Maintain scope. Keep the projects small enough that one can be launched each month. At the end of the month, set down any major tasks for that project and move on to the next one. However, if it needs attention, tend to it. At least to keep it from crashing.

Keep a budget. $500 per project.

Where the heck did this idea even come from?

I do want to build a side business that makes money. I want a SaaS product that is big enough to replace my day job as a software engineer. But I’m not there yet.

The plan is to deepen my knowledge on the tech side of things and learn as much as I can about all the other things that go into a SaaS business. This is a way for me to get started, not a get rich quick scheme.

So, here I am. I have a goal and I'm sharing it.

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